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Sometimes, the goat gets you.

This page is reserved, as per the commenting policy, for really vile fat-hating comments, along with any and all identifying information on the troll. Obviously, trigger warnings and NSFW warnings apply.

From: PrettyJenny
IP: Henderson, NC

I think it’s rather funny that I haven’t seen one blog from skinny people doing what you’re doing – feeling sorry for yourself when you have nothing to be sorry for (you know, so long as you’re healthy with your weight..). The thinspo blogs I’ve seen were all about loosing weight, bright colored clothing, healthy recipies, and pictures of bodies they wanted to look like littered all over. The most insulting one I saw on there were the ones that ‘talked down’ to people that quit their work outs too early, and even that was all in fun.
The same thing goes for fitspo blogs.
I come on to a blog for ‘fat’ people (my definition of that is when their belly is hanging down to their knees, so most people that say they’re fat are chubby to me) and it’s all about tearing down a tinier body size. It’s like you don’t see them as a real people to be respected… Like they’re the big-boobed, air-headed sluts of the Body Type World.
Honestly, I’m bisexual. And, while I love my body when it was thin, and I adore my body now that I’m fit, I’ve always been attracted to girls that were bigger than me (not in an ugly way, though). But, no matter what the girl looked like, if she was anything like what you seem to be now (bitter), I’d totally over look her for a sack of bones with a better out look any day.
By the way, I know that you’re going to go all Hitler and take down my message like it’s a Jew in the middle of an empty street, but I don’t care. I’m just so sick and tired of people (white; black, fat; skinny, dog-lover; cat-lover, Christian; Muslim) being so damn bitchy. I guess I’ll feel bad if I hurt your feelings, but.. Can’t say that I can, seeing as you put yourself there.
Have a blessed day.

And a postscript:

By the way, you aren’t evil for posting something like this.
You’re just petty. Then again, most women these days are.

This one’s hardly worth it, but what the hell, why not? So, fat people aren’t actually oppressed, we’re just whiny. Sorry, bitchy. But so are black people and Muslims, and, presumably, every other oppressed group. Thinspo groups aren’t actually insulting to fat people, even when they post pictures of fat people they think are disgusting in order to “inspire” themselves not to be like that. Oh, and she gets to define fat and chubby, not us. Ooo! And she Godwinned it. I’m Hitler. Making fun of her stupid, petty, bigoted bullshit is just like the SS picking up a Jew alone in the middle of an empty street. Oh, yeah. I just have that much power.

Oh, and the internalized misogyny in the postscript.

And I’m the one who’s petty. Yeah. That’s it. You keep telling yourself that, shit-for-brains.

From: Jasmina
IP: (Located in Bethel Park, PA)

I feel that any reply I could possibly make on this website would instantly be ridiculed the minute that I say I am a thin person. I appreciate what you say about how on feminist, etc. blogs, male concerns are not as “relevant” or what have you, but that in my humble opinion is ignorance. Why isn’t a male’s perspective just as important? Yes, I agree that nasty, sexist comments would have no place; but, if a male commented that he feels degraded by women because he feels they think he is just another tool who can only think about sex, it would be ridiculed by women. And if I post now my honest opinion that I think you are over-generalizing the opinions of thin people and that most of us, when it comes down to it, don’t really care, I will be told “how could you possibly understand?” How about a little empathy? That’s how I would understand. Most of us have it. I am sure that there are many fat people who live long, fulfilling, healthy lives; but it also cannot be denied that, both scientifically and historically, fat people have had shorter life spans due to health complications. You are making thin people afraid to tell you to lose weight. Fear does not solve anything. But because you will delete this comment, you are preventing us from “talking about it” due to your refusal to hear anything that you don’t want to, or that makes you uncomfortable. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Yeah sure, many thin people (unfortunately it is probably verging on the majority) have awful perceptions of fat people. But maybe, just maybe, if we tell you as friends (after you tell us, might I add, about your health problems which scientifically are common among fat people) that losing weight might help your health, maybe we’re not telling you that “you have to be thin to be beautiful” or “you must conform to society’s norms” or anything like that. Maybe we’re just offering the best advice we can because we think everyone deserves to have long, healthy, fulfilling lives, which can only happen with healthy habits like decent nutrition and sufficient exercise. If there was a problem from there, we’d talk about it. But deleting a comment just because you “don’t need any more crap from thin people who think they know everything” won’t solve anything. That is not activism — that is ignorance. You can only help us overcome our unfortunate stereotypes if you talk to us and hear what we have to say. But stop painting the portrait of thin people as inherently awful.

Wow, stunning. Just stunning. Thank you so much, Jasmina, I’m so very glad to hear I’m making thin people afraid to tell me to lose weight. That is precisely my goal. I don’t ever want people to tell me to lose weight again, because, oddly, I don’t need to lose weight. I’m fat, and I’m healthy, and I’m happy. Go away, little troll.

I guess this one isn’t actually “really vile” compared to, say, the stuff the really creative trolls from 4chan spew, but seriously, trying to shame me into silence by telling me I’m scaring the thin people, and I should just listen to them, and concern troll, concern troll, concern troll is quite bad enough.

Name: Jayla
Date: July 1, 2012 10:15:14 PM PDT
IP:, (Chicago, IL)

I like fat people, but you are one hateful person. You are the troll.

Wow. This is just remarkable. I mean it. It has all the unimaginative brevity, banality, and limited vocabulary of the very boring trolls I’ve complained of in the past, but it has all these layers of fucked-up at the same time. This one was so special, I wrote a whole post dissecting it.

Date: 2012/07/03 at 2:50 pm
Name: FUBUUBUF (@St_Skittles)
IP: Birmingham, AL

I tried to jerk off to your pics but I think you gave me a erectile dysfunction. I was super worried about the state of my penis and it’s mental health after imagining you naked. Luckily my penis came back to life when exposed to women under 150 lbs.
Unfortunately for my penis someone photoshopped your bulbous head onto the body of the fat vampire from blade (as seen here: [URL leading to some board called My Posting Career, apparently a troll board, removed, because I won’t send them an clicks. It wasn’t even a link, just a plain url, which didn’t even lead to the pic he claims it did. How sad]] )
Personally I think it’s an improvement 

Ah, there we go, first proper troll, dripping with misogyny. I hope Maud the Goat likes extra misogyny.


2 thoughts on “Troll Gallery”

  1. JKitty92 said:

    All I see in this is: Blah blah blah fat people scare me blah blah blah but we have to talk blah blah blah but you HAVE to listen to thin people blah blah blah but HEALTH!!!!11!!eleventyone!!

    Sigh… But at least she thinks feminists are stupid too for not listening to men(!) *eyeroll*

    Keep being awesome. You might just inspire me to start a blog soon. 🙂

  2. Something about this post has really saddened me. Not sure if it counts as trolling but I feel this post is really hateful. Sorry to have to vent on your troll gallery, but didn’t know where else to reach you.

    Avid fat follower

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