Commenting Policy

I like civility. Civility is awesome. But I am not too fond of the current definition of civility. See, I think that bigotry is uncivil. I think that rape apology is uncivil. And, of course, I think that fat hate and fat shame are uncivil. On the other hand, my friends and family and I swear at each other all the time. And it is absolutely civil to fight true incivility where it occurs.

So that’s my policy: Be civil, by my definition. Don’t be say bigoted things here. I will shut you down. Don’t be shitty to people who are trying to have a conversation. Don’t derail. Don’t try to center thin people’s feelings and experiences in a space that exists for fat people. Don’t use the fucking tone argument, or try to tell me what your (or anyone else’s) intent was in an effort to justify bigotry. Do call people on their shit if you see it before I do. And use any kind of not-bigoted language you like.

Really vile bullshit will be posted on a public page, with the commenter’s name, email, ISP, and any other info I have, along with a troll-eating goat.


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