About MadGastronomer

Hi, I’m MadGastronomer. You can call me MG, MadG, or Mad, because the whole thing is a lot to type.

MadGastronomer is an alternym, not a pseudonym. I use it because my legal name is incredibly common — there are 296000 hits for Rebecca Scott on Google — but MadGastronomer is a unique identifier online. Anywhere you see the name, it’s me. Say hi!

I am short, fat, queer, pagan, and cranky. At 5’1″ and 235lbs, my BMI is 44.4, making me morbidly obese according to nitwits. I wear a size 18 or 20, so I’m not actually what the FA community typically refers to as OMGDEATHFATS, but am the victim of the peculiarity of BMI that screws it up for the particularly short and the particularly tall. Yay!

I am also mentally ill, more or less. I have Bipolar Mood Disorder Type 1. I was diagnosed in college, but I can trace my symptoms back to childhood. I manage it with medications, supplements and, sometimes, diet. I use the word “Mad” in my nym intentionally, as a way of claiming my disorder. I don’t romanticize it, but it is a part of me, and I have to accept that, just like I have to accept my fat.


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