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This Is Thin Privilege gets a lot of fucking trolls. A lot. It has whole blogs that exist solely to troll it. More than one of them. Various trolls target anyone who submits to it. We get more troll messages in our inbox than real submissions most days.

This is, of course, quite common for FA blogs. Trolls just cannot fucking stand to see fat people who are happy with their fat, or who insist that we should be treated with respect, or who post about all the fucking evidence that fat isn’t unhealthy and dieting is.

But you know what I find interesting?

I get very, very few trolls.

Last week, one of the TITP dedicate trolls blogs posted a link to this blog. I got about 330 hits in three days. How many trolling comments did I get? None at all.

The link they posted was specifically to the Troll Gallery. They were totally horrified that I would actually dare to post emails — which the commenters themselves supply — IP addresses — information that WordPress gives me on every commenter, but which is easily hidden through proxies — and the physical locations those IP addresses are associated with — which is public information. I was accused of encouraging “IRL harassment,” as if I was providing anything like enough information to actually identify anyone in real life unless the theoretical harasser already knew the person well enough to have their email and the troll was stupid enough to give their real one. They called me a bitch, they laughed at the pictures of myself I post here, the usual.

But they did not troll me directly. The only reason I even saw it was the referrers list on my stats page. They were scared to. They were afraid that I would ruin their fun by not playing with them, and they were more afraid that I was expose them and name them as trolls.

They don’t contact me through Tumblr and troll me there, either. I don’t have access to their IPs through Tumblr, so I can’t even post those. But they don’t troll me through Tumblr because they know that I will just fucking unload on them. I won’t play along. I’ll just demolish their bullshit and call them on their shit and cuss them the fuck out.

Because trolls think that it’s funny for them to call people names, but no one is allowed to call them names. Because trolls want a specific reaction, and when they don’t get whatever it is that gets them off, they aren’t going to bother. What they don’t want is people treating them like they treat their targets, or like the petty, disgusting little shits they are for pulling this. They don’t want people to call them trolls.

People like to tell me that being angry and cussing never wins anybody over. They’re wrong about that, as I’ve discussed before, but this is the other use of it: It keeps off the goddamn trolls.

Fuck off, trolls.