I ought to be posting more here, but I just can’t get interested. I’ve got half a dozen posts started, but can’t seem to finish any of them.

There’s a fatshion post on cultural appropriation, good intentions, great white saviors, and my own fails.

There’s one on fanart that depicts fat characters as thin, and how very much it pisses me the fuck off.

There’s one on bodily autonomy that’s been sitting there for six months, tying in fatness, pregnancy, being of color and/or trans, and abortion.

And last night there was all the ranting about food fads and “activated almonds” and the difference between staple foods and additional foods. And the comments from a few days ago I just found in the spam bin about how just because we haven’t found a diet that works doesn’t mean diets don’t work, that totally ignored the way bodies work when it comes to dieting. And one about airline seating.

But really, I’ve just been feeling a kind of quiet desperation about the whole thing that’s keeping me from writing more substantively. I read what goes by on Tumblrs like Fat Body Politics and This Is Thin Privilege, blogs like Fat Heffalump and Fat Additives, Twitter feeds like @TheActualFatFox, @BigLiberty and @amaditalks, plus the other people with the blogs and tumblrs already listed, and I can respond to some of it, retweeting and discussing and reblogging and commenting. But it makes me so very sad that when I try to pull my thoughts together to actually say something that can stand alone as a post, I just can’t.

Bigotry wears people down. Right now I’m worn down. So if you don’t know some of the people above, and you want to be reading more about FA, go read them. Come follow me on Tumblr and Twitter (I’m MadGastronomer both places, as I am pretty much everywhere on the internet) and see my more disjointed ramblings, too. But expect some quiet here on the blog for a while.