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I said something over on Tumblr that I though was worth generalizing and repeating over here.

Every time I read crap that tries to justify fat-hate with “But HEALTH! But LONG LIFE!”, or anti-abortion “But ABORTION IS BAD FOR WOMEN! But FETUSES ARE BABIES!”, or anti-gay “But GAY PARENTS ABUSE THEIR KIDS! But QUEERS ARE ALL PROMISCUOUS!”, I think to myself again: If their position were the right one, they wouldn’t need to lie about so many things.

Getting skinny? Not actually going to make people live longer. Getting skinny? Not actually possible for a lot of people. Saying otherwise is a lie.

But also: What the fuck business is it of yours, asshole? If living forever isn’t my goal, why do you care? Why is it so fucking important to you that I live longer, when it’s not to me? Even if I could get skinny, which I can’t, and even if it would make me live forever, which it won’t, I don’t care. I want to enjoy the life I have right now. And I am. So why the hell does anyone else care?

And especially, why does someone else caring how long I live mean that they get to bully me, discriminate against me, oppress me? Answer: It doesn’t. People who claim it does are lying. They are trying to justify their desire to bully and oppress me and other fat people. But nothing justifies that. Nothing.

So, all you assholes out there who justify fat-hate with “But HEALTH! But LONG LIFE!”? Fuck you, you lying bullies.