There are a lot of things that studies really do show help you live longer. Drinking a glass of red wine a day. Drinking multiple cups of coffee a day. Eating a little dark chocolate every day. No one yells or moralizes at people who don’t partake of wine or coffee or chocolate. Doctors don’t berate people for not having those things. Nobody wants to take away health care for people who don’t do those things. Nobody discriminated against people who don’t do those things. And if you asked people who do yell at fatties why they don’t yell at people who don’t do those things, they’d probably hem and haw and say something about “not their business” and “it’s their choice,” or something. Because, again, the health excuse is a lie. Not drinking wine or coffee, not eating chocolate, these aren’t considered to be morally bad things in our society. Being fat is. So even though being fat is provably not a choice for the vast majority of people, and not partaking of wine, coffee, and chocolate is a choice for the vast majority of people, being fat means people get to tell you how horrible you are for not doing everything in your power to live longer, but not having wine, coffee, or chocolate doesn’t.