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(Except me. I love Hugo.)

Still watching Lost. Currently running on some serious sleep deprivation.

Oceanic Airlines made Hurley buy a second seat on Flight 815 (the infamous one that crashed), even though they had not made him buy a second seat on his flight to Australia. This appears to have been a retaliatory measure on the part of the ticketing representative, after Hurley asked her to please hurry, he needed to make this flight so he could be home for his mother’s birthday.

If I had more brainpower, I’d talk about how this is an all too realistic representation of how fat people are actually treated on airlines, the arbitrariness of the whole thing, the punishment and humiliation factors. I don’t, though.

I will, however, mention this study on just how discriminated against fat people — especially fat women — really are in hiring and promotion decisions. Some key points: 42% of HR professionals immediately disqualified fat women for positions. Only 6% were willing to consider fat women for promotion. And a miniscule 2% of HR professionals were willing to think a fat woman might have a high-prestige job. But fat people aren’t discriminated against, and it’s just every bit as bad to say not-nice things about skinny people. Because it doesn’t matter if anti-fat prejudice actually affects people’s lives and livelihoods, makes it harder to get a good job, makes it more expensive to do things like buy clothes and travel, makes it harder to get health care, it’s just as bad because it hurts thin people’s feelings just as much.