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See, I’m sick for three weeks, you get barely anything, I finally get better, and wooosh, pent-up words everywhere. I hope you enjoy it.

I love watching my little views by country counter. It fills me with glee every time someone hits the site from Libya, Israel, the Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore, UAE, India, Estonia, Chile, Romania, Hong Kong, Greece, Macedonia, Trinidad… There’s a whole long list of places all over the world where at least one or two people have come to read my little blog. I seem to have regular readers in a few places, like Israel, Germany, Norway and France all show up on my board most days. It makes me happy that what I have to say has meaning for people who live far away and in cultures quite different from my own. Gives me warm fuzzy. Also a Mad Scientist cackle over how I’m taking over the world! Sort of.

Anybody want to speak up and say hi, from far far away? Or even not so far away?

If anybody’s interested in contributing to a post sometime, we might do some on local variations on fat-shaming, or something.