Ragen over at Dances With Fat started up a Facebook community called Rolls Not Trolls a while back, where people could post that anti-fat trolls were invading someplace, and positive fat people could go and make jokes about it, a la the Agent of O.B.E.S.I.T.Y. Initiative. But not everybody is on Facebook, including me, and not everyone wants to be, and some of us were feeling a bit left out. So I went and started Rolls Not Trolls communities on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. Currently, viewing of both communities is limited to community members, which means you have to have an account there, but accounts are free and don’t violate your privacy the way FB does.

One problem: I’ve never been on the original Rolls Not Trolls, so I have no idea how things are normally run there. Me, I figure I’ll let people post stuff and go invade places as they like, and just worry about keeping out trolls from the communities, really.

If you want to join up, come apply.