So apparently some fat-haters on Reddit found me, and are all wringing their hands about how horrible I am for not liking exercise, or something. And a few 4chan fat-haters have noticed me, too.

I’ve had a few trolling comments, all sent to moderation automatically and promptly deleted, as per the commenting policy, but honestly, I have to say I’ve been entirely disappointed. They’ve all been very short and very boring. These douchebags clearly not only don’t have enough of a life to have anything better to do than to come insult li’l ol’ me, they don’t even have enough literacy and/or imagination to do it creatively or interestingly. I’m called fat, hormonal, angry, and told to go on a diet.

Oh, sweeties. Poor little pathetic baby trolls. Fat is not an insult, and neither is angry. Hormonal is a standard misogynist line thrown at any woman who dares to disagree with sexist douchebags. And diets are entirely laughable. Surely y’all can do better than that.

Meanwhile, my site stats are through the roof. I hit almost a thousand hits yesterday, between the assholes and the nice people at This Is Thin Privilege, who kindly quoted from We Mustn’t Make Fun Of the Straight People, Dear. I’ve already had over 400 hits today. I am over here doing a happy dance.

So, all you fucking haters? Thanks for the hits and the googlejuice, assholes!