Leonard Nimoy (yes, as in Spock) did a set of nude (and costumes) photos of fat performers from Fat Bottom Revue. OMG, GORGEOUS. I so wish I could afford a copy of Three Graces. I am just utterly in love.

There’s a book. You can get a copy for $39, a signed copy for $75, and a personalized copy for $150. I will be getting one, oh yes.

That first link has his artist’s statement, about what beauty is and what he was trying to do. I like it.

But. Just. This has existed as a thing in the world for five years, and I did not know. How did I not know? Who knew about this and didn’t tell me, because you’re fired. Because wow.

I did not think I could like or admire Mr. Nimoy more (despite Bilbo Baggins). I do now, though.

I suppose I really ought to do a whole post about how important things like this and the Adipositivity Project, but tonight I have already taken my sleeping pills, and I need to get to sleep. Perhaps I’ll get to it soon.